50 Contoh Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP

Contoh soal UN bahasa Inggris SMP ini terdapat 50 soal. Namun yang kami tampilkan hanya 15 soal saja dan untuk daftar soal selengkapnya silahkan download dengan klik link yang terdapat di bawah postingan. Hal ini saya lakukan untuk membantu pengunjung yang bermasalah dengan kecepatan loading karena jika harus diposting semua tentu akan membuat berat loading page blog ini untuk dibuka oleh teman-teman di daerah dengan konektivitas internet yang tidak stabil. Semoga yang akan menghadapi UN tahun ini bisa mendapatkan hasil yang memuaskan dan dapat melanjutkan ke sekolah tingkat menengah favorit. Amin. Keep spirit!

Berikut 50 contoh soal UN bahasa Inggris SMP:

  1. Linda : Where are you going to go to, Wati?
    Wati : To the drugstore. I’ve got a headache.
    From the dialogue above we may conclude that …
    A. Wati is going to buy medicine
    B. Linda is going to go to the drugstore
    C. Wati isn’t going to buy anything
    D. Linda and Wati are going to go to the drugstore
  2. They … for a swim if the weather is. fine
    A. were going
    B. have gone
    C. will go
    D. will have gone
  3. The notice means that … the grass.
    gambar larangan berjalan di atas rumput untuk contoh soal un bahasa inggris smp
    A. we are allowed to cut
    B. we are allowed to pick up
    C. we must not walk on
    D. we must not clean
    Read the letter bellow and answer questions 4-7!

    Dear Dr. Hambali Sahali,

    We would like to invite you and your staff to visit our school SMP Duta Bangsa, where we are engaged in an exciting service learning project.
    Service-learning is a teaching method that engages our students in solving problems within their school and communities as an integral part of their academic studies. It is hoped that students master important curriculum content by making meaningful connection between what they study and its real-life applications. Besides, students become more effective citizens through acts of kindness, community stewardship and civic action. This effort is made possible with support from Learn and Serve America, a program of the corporation for National and Community Service.
    May we suggest that you visit us on January 11, 2010 at 10 o’clock? This will give you an opportunity to see our program in action. We have also invited our community partners, members of the local media, and several families of students whom we serve. They are eager to talk to you about the importance of investing in service-learning activities in our local community.
    We have enclosed a one page profile of our program for your reference. I will contact your office within the next two weeks to follow-up on this invitation. Again, we do hope you can join us on this occasion.
    Thank you very much for your consideration.
    Andy Sehatapi
  4. The text above is about … .
    A. having a National and Community Service
    B. doing a program to promote better education
    C. informing someone about a special program
    D. inviting people to attend a school activity
  5. What does the second paragraph of the text tell us about?
    A. The persons who have been invited.
    B. The purpose of service-learning project.
    C. The importance of local media in project.
    D. The opportunity to see a program in action.
  6. Dr. Sahali is supposed to come on January 11, 2010 to … the service learning project in action.
    A. enable him to watch
    B. get a special experience with
    C. open officially
    D. ask questions related to
  7. The text shows that Dr. Hambali Sahali is …
    A. new school principal
    B. government official
    C. teacher on duty
    D. next teacher
  8. “ … and several families of students whom we serve.”
    What does the underlined word mean?
    A. Work for.
    B. Start doing.
    C. Spend time.
    D. Provide food.
  9. Tomi : Tomorrow is Sunday, …? Shall we go to Safari Park?
    Edi : Yes, that’s a good idea.
    A. is it
    B. does it
    C. isn’t it
    D. doesn’t it
    Read the following text for number 10-14!
    Most people don’t notice that giraffes have different patterns of spots. Certain species of giraffes have small spots. Other species have large spots. Some species have spots than are very regular. You can tell where one spot ends and another begins. Other species have spots that are kind of blotchy. This means the spots are not set off from each other as clearly. These are only two of many kind of spots. The pattern of giraffe’s spots is called “marking”. No two giraffes have exactly the same marking.
    Giraffe’s spots help them to blend in with their surroundings in Africa where they live. Being able to blend with surroundings helps animals survive. If a lion can’t see a giraffe, he certainly can’t eat it. This is called ‘protective coloration’. The animal’s colour helps to protect it. Another thing that protects giraffes is their keen eyesight. Their large eyes are on the sides of their heads. Giraffes see  anything that moves. They can seebanother animal a mile away. It is very hard to sneak up on a giraffe. Those who try usually get a quick kick with a powerful back leg.
  10. Where are giraffe’s eyes?
    A. Around its long neck
    B. On the front part of its head
    C. On the left side of this head
    D. On the sides of its head
  11. Giraffes protect themselves with their …
    A. back legs
    B. front legs
    C. long necks
    D. spot patterns
  12. What is protective coloration?
    A. An ability to see from long distance
    B. An ability to blend with surroundings
    C. The colour pattern of giraffe’s spot
    D. The way to protect certain species
  13. “…, he certainly can’t eat it” (in paragraph 3)
    A. an animal
    B. a giraffe
    C. a lion
    D. a people
  14. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?
    A. Different Kind of Giraffes
    B. More About Giraffes
    C. Giraffes and their Surroundings
    D. People and Giraffes
  15. Feri : Do you like the view of the mountain?
    Yudi : Yes, I enjoy it very much.
    Feri : I hope …
    Yudi : Yes, of course and I will be back here as possible.
    Feri : Thank you that you like my village.
    A. you are happy here
    B. you can go home soon
    C. I never come here again
    D. the view is still beautiful

Untuk soal selengkapnya silahkan download langsung 50 contoh soal UN bahasa Inggris SMP dalam bentuk MS Word DI SINI. Semoga bermanfaat dan kalian semua lulus dengan nilai yang memuaskan. Suka artikel ini? Like, twit atau komentarnya di bawah ini please..

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