Latihan Listening Online dengan Teks: Football Management

Latihan listening online disertai dengan teks ini bertujuan membantu para peserta didik yang sedang mendalami bahasa Inggris khususnya dalam hal listening. Dengan memperbanyak latihan listening online, kita dapat mengetahui bagaimana native speaker mengucapkan kata demi kata dengan baik dan benar sehingga dapat meningkatkan daya dengar dan daya tangkap maksud dari apa yang disampaikan lawan bicara. Judul listening berikut ini adalah football management yang membicarakan cita-cita seseorang yang ingin menjadi seorang pelatih sepak bola. Setelah mendengarkan, cobalah cari satu orang di kelas kamu untuk diajak mempraktikkan dialog ini dengan pronunciation yang sudah kamu dengarkan dari native speaker ini.

Football Management

Interviewer Paul, can you tell me how you got interested in being a football manager?
Paul Yes, well I started out as a professional footballer.Latihan listening online bahasa inggris I played for quite a few clubs in the lower leagues, and I even had a trial at Manchester United, although nothing came of it. In my last club, the manager encouraged me to do some coaching, which I really enjoyed. And that’s when I thought maybe I could make it as a manager.
Interviewer So what happened next?
Paul I started working for my coaching license, and then I heard about a certificate in football management, and applied for a place on the course.
Interviewer I’ve always thought that most managers just learn on the job. Were you not tempted to just give it a go anyway?
Paul Not really, I’ve seen so many managers come and go and a lot of them, to be honest, weren’t that good at their job. And I’m your typical footballer – I left school at 16 so I haven’t had that much of an education. I didn’t feel confident that I could deal with things like finance and negotiating with people.
Interviewer And is that the kind of thing you learn on this course?
Paul Yes, it really covers everything you need to know: leadership skills, talking to the media, handling pressure, public speaking. I’ve got a lot more confidence and am really looking forward to my first managerial job.
Interviewer How does the course work in practice? I believe you’re working as well as studying.
Paul That’s right. After I got my coaching license I got a job as a coach with a second division team. It’s no problem combining work with studying, though. In fact you need to be playing or working in football to get on the course. It fits in well because most of the course takes place during two summer schools, one at the beginning and one at the end of the course. There are a few workshops during the year, which we fit around our schedules. So really I’m learning on the job – I can put into practice what I’ve learnt.
Interviewer And finally, would you recommend this route into football management?
Paul Yes, most definitely. I think all managers, even exiting ones, should do the course.

Source: British Council.

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